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Our Aims

  • To provide support, activities and friendship for Jewish people on their own, be they single, divorced, separated, estranged, widowed.
  • To provide a diary of events within the Jewish communities for single people, informing them of a range of social and educational activities.
  • To make every synagogue aware of the continuing needs of the single person.
  • To encourage and support single Jewish people in finding a successful social life.
  • To ensure that any function or event arranged is within everyone's financial means.
  • To listen to the individual and collective social activities needs of Jewish single people and endeavour to provide for these needs (not, however, social welfare). 
  • Ultimately, to encourage Jewish single people to be happy to mix only in Jewish environments, thereby maintaining Jewish identity.
  • All functions to be organised to satisfy Kashrut and Shabbat standards and, where possible, if a surplus is made from such functions, to make charitable donations.

In partnership with the United Synagogues of Great Britain.
UK Registered Charity Number:  242552

All the many hundreds of singles who have attended NWJS events since it was founded in the year 2000 by DAVID ROSE would like to thank him!  David started the ball rolling, conceived the AIMS set out above, worked very hard to make it a success and is our much respected Founder, Chairman and Treasurer.  THANK YOU, DAVID.

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